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The goal of Royal Priesthood Christian Dance Academy is to win souls for Jesus Christ through the ministry of dance. Our job is to train, equip and empower in a spirit of excellence those who are called to this type of ministry. We’ve been aggressively pursuing this goal for over twenty years through our Houston Academy, annual workshops, and dance conferences. We have graduated hundreds of students and trained thousands more, both nationally and internationally. Our new online courses now make it possible for dance worshippers all over the world to get trained. You can work at your own pace, in your own time and in the comfort of your own home! Each series will include homework and final exams. Those who complete and pass their exams will receive a printable certificate to download immediately. As a bonus, free webinars will be offered once a month to keep track of students’ progress and to answer any questions they may have.

Royal Priesthood Christian Dance Academy

~ New Online Dance Classes ~

Everyone’s been asking for it and now its here!

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Don’t miss yours! Our (6) six week courses are:

Excellence in the Dance Series

Dance Communication in Sign and Gestures

Higher Realm Dance Series

Making War in the Heavenlies  Pt. 1

Making War in the Heavenlies  Pt. 2

Heaven-Inspired Earth-Revealed Choreography

Pageantry: The King of Glory Revealed

The Secrets of Mime



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Student Testimonials:

“Royal Priesthood Christian Dance Academy has truly been a blessing to me! My foundation of dance ministry started with being a student at the school. I thank God for the foundation and guidance that I received from being apart of what God has ordained. This school has taught me so much about integrity, ministry, dance,  worship, prayer, intercession, spiritual warfare, spontaneous movement, prophetic movement, pageantry, and garments. Twenty years later, the same principals that RCPDA instilled in me, are the same principles I follow as a dance leader. Thank you RPCDA for your sacrifice and for your leadership. To God  Be The Glory!”

Minister Yolanda Carter

“Royal Priesthood Academy taught me how to express my love & worship to the Lord in a deeper & more intimate way, through dance. RPCDA showed me how important it is to spend time with God so He can lead you by His spirit when doing ministry. Because of what I learned from the anointed Royal Priesthood teachers, I’ve been allowed to share with many dance ministries through out Houston. Many lives have been changed, especially my own!”

Lori Lemuel
RPCDA Graduate

“My journey with Royal Priesthood began 22 years ago at the age of 9. We did not have a praise dance ministry at our church but my mother saw my passion for dance and wanted to ensure I filled that passion but with substance. We were lead to Royal Priesthood by the recommendation of another church member. I recall spending my childhood weekends learning biblical principles that fostered my budding relationship with Christ. And the most exciting thing was, I could do that through dance! I was very impressionable during my preteen years and now realize the impact it had it on me. Royal Priesthood was my first exposure to see that dancing in church is not a performance but a form of ministry. Upon graduating, a dance ministry was created in my church where I served for 15+ years. These ladies were true mentors during my walk with Christ at an early age. I am so blessed that they taught me my most valuable lesson I hold dearly: Your art is a ministry.”

Courtney Ned

“I am Dr. Tomeisha Reed, a graduate of Royal Priesthood Christian Dance Academy. I joined in February of 2004, and that was the moment my life changed, forever! What I thought was going to be just a dance class, turned out to be a true worship experience! I had never experienced God’s Presence before, until I joined RPCDA! Let’s just say, I learned to have a heart of worship, how to seek God for everything and how to fight in the spirit as I encounter battles! I have become a stronger, wiser woman under the direction of the teachers at RPCDA!

I also formed my own ministry composed of troubled teens! Just as I learned from Royal Priesthood, I also taught these teens how to worship God in the dance. To this day, they have become Christian dance leaders, and the knowledge gained from being part of my ministry has continued to flow into their ministry!

To God be the glory for leading me to a place (RPCDA) that would change my life completely!”

RPCDA Graduate

“I wish my mother was still here. She could write about what having your ministry meant to her, as a single mom raising two daughters. At Royal Priesthood Christian Dance Academy, my mom was able to find a dance ministry that truly taught putting God first, not just for us as kids but for her as well. Worshipping God with Royal Priesthood were some of the best memories I have from my teenage years. The pure joy that radiated from my mother every time she participated with your organization was amazing! This academy was a place that refreshed her soul. When my mother left this earth a few years ago, you ladies came out and danced at her funeral. It was moving, beautiful and the perfect way to honor her life as a servant of God. Thank you for your care, your love and your attention to detail. Because dance requires a lot of preparation, my sister and I spent a lot of time in your care as teenagers. It was during this time, I was able to observe your relationships with your husbands. I learned healthy examples of Godly marriages from you (ladies) which has enabled me to raise my own children in a two parent home for over 14 years and continuing. The lessons I learned were about morethan dance, movement, feet placement, hip hop, jazz, and mime. There was not one moment spent in the care of the Royal Priesthood Christian Dance Academy that was wasted! Thank you for contributing positive role models to my life. May God continue to bless you all, so you may bless a whole new generation!”

LaWanda Townsend
RPCDA Graduate


"This was our first introduction to praise dance and we were moved and inspired!"

 -St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Wimberly, Texas, Rev. G.M. Keeble

"You (RPCDA) presented one of the most anointed workshops this area has ever seen!"

-Cathedral of Joy Worship Center, Apostle Harold Higgins

"How encouraged I was to see excellence and first class demonstrated... a cut above!"

-Miracle Land Church, Jeanette Allen, First Lady

"Thanks for being a blessing, once again!"

-Caribbean Christian Dance Network, Inc, Ann Peterson

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“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, that you may shew forth the excellencies of him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” I PETER 2:9